Monday, March 25, 2013

Still hopping along...Easter Egg puzzles.

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in the blog hop last week.  I hope you had a really good time and were able to find some new blogs to read.  Even though the blog hop is over, I'm still hopping because it's Easter week and I ended up with lots of activities for my clients.

This is one of my take home projects for my older clients this week.

I found these foam egg shapes at Target for 5.00 for a big pack of eggs.  I'm sure they will be really cheap on Monday if you want to stock up for next year.  (I always think that this is a good idea-but I rarely remember to pull out the activities the next year.)

I used it to work on emotions today.  We came up with vocabulary for small emotions and medium emotions.  We talked about how medium emotions are when we need to pick a calming strategy or get help-BEFORE we get to the big emotions at the bottom of the egg.  If I was the MOST AWESOME Speech Language Pathologist in the Whole. Wide. World., we would have used actual eggs to demonstrate this:

Small emotions: Tap egg and see tiny cracks
Medium Emotions; Tap egg and get bigger crack-maybe some yolk starts to spill out...
Big Emotions: Throw the egg on your Therapy floor.  Discuss what a mess it makes and correlate that to how big emotions create big, messy problems in your life just like this egg did.

(Then picture me, unemployed, wiping egg gunk off of the floor...)

Other ideas I had for the eggs:
1.  Categories: Write three category members on the three parts of the egg.  Put 5-10 "eggs" in a box.  Can they sort the eggs correctly AND name the category?
2.  What does not belong Categories.
3.  Three Step Sequencing:  Write out one step on each piece.
4.  Articulation: silly sentences.  Have the student think of three words that contain their sound.  Write on each piece.  Can they think of sentence that contains all three words?
5.  Vocabulary Definitions: Make the top part a Category, the middle part a function, and the bottom part a synonym.  Have students fill out for different vocabulary items.

What are you doing to celebrate Easter (or Spring) in your Speech sessions?

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