Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Festivities

My son's daycare celebrates St. Patrick's Day by having Sally the Leprechaun visit every month.  Sally is a very naughty leprechaun.  The other day she stole someone's socks at nap time because she loves the color green.  Since then, my guy has been wearing all green to daycare.  I guess he'd just prefer to go nudsies.

This week we are celebrating St. Patrick's day by making Leprechaun masks and using the freebie that Cooking up Good Speech had because I had a craving for some Lucky charms.

I found the idea for these masks in a St. Patrick's day craft book a few years ago.  I apologize because I don't have the name of the product.

Here's what we did with them:

First we looked at the picture and determined the supplies.  You could also have them pick the supplies using your clues (Find something that is sharp, which one would you find in a kitchen, I'm thinking of an adhesive...)

I completed these steps for a lot of my clients to save time.  For some of the younger clients, you could work on shapes or size concepts (tall hat, short hat, rounded hat etc.)

I ended up changing the band on this to a popsicle stick because it was taking a long time to get the band sized correctly.  We stapled the hat onto the paper plate.  For older clients we worked on some reasoning skills.  Why would we cut out the center of the paper plate.  What would happen if we didn't cut out the middle.  Could we attach the hat to the bottom of the plate (this was a trick question-yes, because the plate is round-we could turn it)  Why did I staple the hat with the pointed ends out?

I used the crepe paper streamers as an opportunity to get more drill work in: (say 10 words and attach a streamer.

Afterwards you could both put on your mask and practice St. Patrick's day conversations.  What are you doing for St. Patrick's Day?

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