Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love it and list it: Vocabulary Link up!

The fantastic Jenna over at Speech Room News has set up another Love it and List it party.  It's an opportunity to list 3-5 of your favorite products or ways to work on the topic of the month.  This month is focusing on Vocabulary.  I tend to teach vocabulary by focusing on: multiple meaning words, prefixes/suffixes, teaching a strategy for definitions and teaching synonyms/antonyms.  In school settings I will focus on teaching curriculum vocabulary, but I don't focus as much on specific vocabulary teaching in outpatient settings.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.  The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) :  I bet this one is on a lot of lists.  This is a great tool for teaching kids a strategy for defining and thinking about vocabulary words.  I LOVE the physical aspect of this.  I use the EET strand, student strands, steppers and stickers!  This is one of the first things I pull out in therapy.

2.  Descripto Bingo:  Before I used EET, I liked using the initial "Detective map" in Descripto Bingo to help my clients develop a visual map for defining words.

3.  Word Joggers and Word Joggers Junior:  I love these two products for providing a variety of ways to target vocabulary and word retrieval

4.  Just for Laughs: Understanding Multiple Meaning Words.  I love using jokes to help teach Multiple Meaning Words.  I also had a copy of Cartoon Cut Ups which is out of print-which was great for explaining multiple meanings and figurative language.  

5.  Word Feast-Middle School:  I used this a lot with my middle school and high school students to work on vocabulary within oral reading tasks.  They do a great job of building on the vocabulary taught throughout each lesson too!

I'm really excited to see what everyone else has listed-I'm always looking for new ways to teach vocabulary.  Check out everyone else's suggestions or link up by heading over to Speech Room News.


Jenna Rayburn said...

Thanks for linking up!

Mary Cooper said...

I use "Descripto Bingo" a LOT!

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