Monday, September 16, 2013

Mama-on-Days: Grocery list organization solved.

Last week I started my new organizational system for meal planning.  This week I wanted to share an Free app that I found that is making Grocery shopping a little bit easier for me.  I'm not the best with lists.  I usually leave mine at home or in the car.  Then I'm doing my best to remember what I need for dinner that night.  If I remember to bring it, it's not unusual for me to leave my grocery list somewhere in the store.  

My other pet peeve is when I stop for groceries after work, and then come home to find out my husband has added 4 items to our list.  The worst is when he's added coffee to the list because we are completely out.  I hate to admit it-but I NEED at least a cup of coffee in the morning or I will get the worst headache.  I tried to do a detox diet a few months ago which had me quit coffee cold turkey.  I was miserable for three days.  The kids I was seeing for Speech Therapy were probably even more miserable.  

I downloaded Grocery IQ onto my phone.

So far I'm really liking it.  You can set up different lists based on the store.  Right now I have lists for Target and Costco.  I click on the list and then can add items by typing them on my phone.  It also lets you search for stores that are close by.

There is a coupon feature which looks like you can get coupons while you are shopping that I haven't played around with much.  It also has a barcode scanner which lets you scan barcodes and add things directly to your list.  This is really helpful for remembering to get specialty items.

My favorite part is that you can share your lists with other people.  I share my list with my husband which means he can add items to the list.  Even better, if he is at one of our shared stores, he can pick up the groceries.  I was SO excited to show this to him and was a little disappointed when he wasn't more excited.  Then I realized that I do 100% of the grocery shopping in our household.  So he wouldn't be too excited about adding more to his workload.

I need to spend the rest of the night figuring out a super awesome reward system so that I can train him in on this app.  (Remind me to tell you how I successfully trained him to place a napkin out on my TV tray in less than three days.)

My next challenge: Conquering the Renaissance Fair with a five year old and his grandma without losing my cool or getting harassed by the Pickle Guy.

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Mary Cooper said...

I use "Out of Milk". Great app, and I have the categories organized for our Kroger so I'm in and out of there! And, my husband & I can share the list!

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