Monday, September 30, 2013

What's new Speech2U: September Edition

I can't believe tomorrow is October already!  It seems the older I get, the quicker time passes.  It's already time for "What's new at Speech2u."  I take one post a month to fill you in on what I've been working on or added to my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store and my Teacher's Notebook store.

I have been T-I-R-E-D this month.  Anyone else feeling exhausted?  I spent most of September going to bed early instead of getting lots of products completed.  I am excited about what I got accomplished though!

1. Grocery Theractivity:  

This started as a paragraph game suggestion in another product and thanks to a suggestion from a reviewer-it ended up being a 48 page packet containing 72 different food pictures and 9 different activities.  Since I work with a variety of ages, I tried to create activities that worked with preschoolers up to late elementary or middle school students in Life skills classes.

2.  Silly Stories: /s/, /l/, and /r/ blends carryover activities

I still love fill in the blank stories such as Mad libs.

3.  5 ways to FALL into Cinquains: 
Cinquains are a 5 line poem that lends itself really well to vocabulary development, syntax and self expression.  The first line is the subject, the second line contains 2 adjectives, the third line contains three action words, the fourth line is a short phrase and the fifth is a word that is similar or describes the first word.

I like to use these with my clients, but I know that some of them need extra help to generate ideas or vocabulary.  This product contains enough cut and paste options to make over 25 poems.  In addition, a flip flap booklet template is provided-along with three shape worksheets for additional practice.

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