Friday, September 6, 2013

The Animals on the Bus-an okay therapy activity

I'm always excited when you see a speech therapy post where a blogger does some amazing craftivity.  I love crafts.  Today and tomorrow I'm going to show you two crafts I made for back to school week.  This should be a feel good post for most people.  Because you will feel good when you see what kind of craft I come up with when left to my own devices.

I saw these yellow foam die cuts at Target's dollar spot and thought they would be a fun back to school activity for my younger kiddoes.  I thought I'd have some flash of inspiration or spend a night on Pinterest finding fantastic ways to use them.

Or, I would put them in a drawer and forget about them until the day I wanted to use them and then scramble around trying to form some great activity with them.  It could've been cool to take pictures of the kids and put them in the bus with some type of bus fingerplay.  Or do a wheels on the bus theme with Boardmaker PCS symbols for the different parts of the song.  BUT when it came time to use it, the only thing I had close by was some stickers.  

We have a big box of cut up stickers for prizes, I scrounged through them-found some pretty inappropriate skull and busty superhero lady ones that I discarded of quickly.  I ended up finding some animal stickers.

I put the animal stickers out on the table and let the kids name the animals they wanted.  Then they put them on the bus while practicing their animal noises.  We ended our session with a rousing version of "The animals on the bus go Meow, meow, meow."  Although I had to get creative with the penguin and hamster noises.

How would you use the bus die cuts in therapy?  I'd love to hear about it!


Tracy Morlan said...

Love this idea Kelly! Both elementary schools I serve have Ellison die cut machines, which I MUST learn to use.
Tracy Morlan

Tracy said...

I love the die cut buses. You could use them for labelling/identifying/following directions/answering questions: Who is in the front seat? Or: put the cat in the seat behind the dog. etc. Thanks for the idea!

Speech2U said...

I'm so glad you liked them-that's a great idea to work on spatial concepts too!


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