Friday, September 13, 2013

Super Hero Game and a FREEBIE

Who doesn't love a good Target End cap clearance sale?  It's probably the only store where I shop the perimeter.  They had some really good deals on toy clearance at the beginning of August when they were trying to make room for their Back to School displays.  This is a game that I got for my son who IS the ULTIMATE superhero fan.

Confessional:  I like to make fun of my husband's obsession with Superheroes and other monster movies and his toy hoarding.  His one toy to play with and one in the box to save mantra is very reminiscent of Andy from the 40 year old virgin.  As an SLP, I understand hoarding-(board games, textbooks, worksheets, old mimeographs from college, a box of 50 plastic animals, 40 different types of cars etc. etc.)  What you may not know is that I also have a small, collection of action figures as well.  I don't call mine hoarding since I keep limit my collection to three different types of items:

I don't call mine hoarding since I keep limit my collection to three different types of items:
  • Wonderwoman collectibles
  • Toys named Kelly
  • Buffy the Vampire dolls.  

  • Okay, now you know I am a big nerd.  Anyhow, I was probably about as excited for this game as my son:  DC Super Friends: The Joker Fun House.  

It ends up being a pretty quick game as one person is the Joker and the other players work together as super heroes to try to stop him.  I'm thinking this would be a really fun game in groups.  The Speech Language Pathologist would be the Joker-the other kids have to join together to defeat him or her!  

One of my favorite parts of this game is that each superhero has their own special power.  Batman can shoot his Batarang, Superman has X-ray vision, Flash movies really fast to the next space and the Green Lantern can block the ball that Joker uses to try to knock everyone over.

I'm going to try to steal this game from the Biscuit next week to work on Vocabulary skills with one of my clients.  I made up custom cards for each color on the spin wheel to practice their goals which you can download for FREE on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. 

I think this would be a really fun game to incorporate in Social skills groups as well or adapting for use with Michelle Garcia Winner's Superflex Curriculum.   Each color could represent a different Unthinkable character.

There are also a lot of resources on sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers for "Superhero Social Skills Activities."  I'm thinking you could pick up a packet of multicolored copy paper-and print off these packets in black and white to match the different colors on the board.

Do you think this is something you could use or adapt in YOUR speech room?  If so, I'd love to hear about here, on Facebook or Twitter.  If you liked this post, please consider sharing it using the buttons below.

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