Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Swap with All Y'all Need

I'm excited to be doing a product swap with Laura from All Y'all Need.  All Y'all Need is a collaborative blog written by Amy (the Librarian), Laura (the Speech Language Pathologist) and Lisa (the Teacher)  Their names make up the All in Ya'll Need.  Laura works tirelessly to connect us bloggers with her great Monthly link ups.  And she is a great person to follow on Instagram-even if her food pictures make me SO hungry.

Laura sent me a copy of one of her new Products:  Autumn: Write and Say the Room.
I'm live in Anoka which is the self-proclaimed Halloween Capital of the World.  So I'm all over Fall and Halloween types of Activities.  

Pictures are provided for you to place around your therapy room.  Students find the pictures and write them down on graphic organizers that are provided with the product.  The pictures are cute and clearly represent the targeted words which makes it easy to focus on productions with and without a verbal model.  

Autumn write and Say the room comes with approximately 10-15 pictured targets for the each of the following sounds: 
  • /k/ and /g/
  • l/
  • /r/
  • /s/ and /z/
  • /f/ and /v/
  • "CH", "SH" and "TH" 
I love that it would be easy and quick to set up.  I'm a huge fan of anything that gets kids moving so I love the fact that they can get up and move around the room.  Plus adding in the writing aspect is great for literacy.

I think it could be really fun to hide them in unique places and work on expressive concepts as well.  Ex. I found the Turkey under the table.  (and I mean UNDER-as in taped on the bottom of the table.)  It's pretty colorful so this product might use up a fair amount of ink.  This is one I would try to print at work.  

You can find more about Laura at her blog: 

Laura has generously offered a copy of Autumn Write and Say to one of Speech 2U's readers.

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Disclosure Statement: I received a copy of Autumn Write and Say for free to complete this review.  However, the opinions are my own.   


Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

This activity packet looks great! I love the idea of a word search and find around the room. Yes, it is perfect to incorporate movement in with a therapy session. I especially like how writing, spelling and vocabulary are all worked on. Great job on this wonderful product. Sincerely, Manda

Mary Cooper said...

This looks like a wonderful activity! I'm jealous that you have a color printer you can use at school.

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