Friday, October 25, 2013

Favorite Language Apps: (Linky Party)

Did I tell you that my iPad 2 screen is cracked as a result of the Biscuit foot meeting the iPad screen?  It started off as a little crack in the corner and has now blossomed into three large cracks across the screen which started to spider web last week.  *Sigh*  It still works but I find myself less inclined to use it.  It's no fun playing games with a cracked screen.  I'm still debating the merits of getting it fixed vs. replacing and donating the old one-or trying to sell it.  Help me about below-iPad mini, new iPad or wait for the iPad air?   

Anyhow, the super creative Jenna from Speech Room News is having her monthly Love it and List it Linky Party.  Linky parties are a fun way to connect with other bloggers if you have a blog.  If you don't, they are a great way to get a lot of resources on the same topic in one place.  This month's theme is "Language Apps."  Here are some of my favorites:  

More Fun with Following Directions 

This app works on 12 different concepts and you can adjust the difficulty to include one to three/four elements within the direction.  I like that there is some animation that happens within the picture when you answer correctly.  For example, if you choose the correct monkey to climb down the tree-he climbs down the tree! 

Describe It to Me

Describe it to Me does a great job of breaking down descriptions using receptive and expressive tasks.  There is a wheel that you spin which is pretty motivating to a couple of my game show loving clients.  I like how question types are broken down into: category, function, parts, location, visuals and extras.  


All of the Mobile Education apps are motivating for my clients.  They LOVE to hear themselves talk on the iPad.  Tense builder is one of my favorites because it really strives to TEACH the user what is present, past, and future tense forms.  Many of the videos that are included have a "funny" twist which  makes them extremely motivating for my kids.  


I love to use sequencing activities in therapy sessions because you can target so many different goals: pronouns, verb tense forms, sequencing, narratives etc.   I like this app because it gives little to no reinforcement if the sequencing is incorrect but changes the picture and has cheers if it is correct.  I also like that they are follow up questions after the sequence is complete.  (Ex. How will they feel or What will happen next. )
Listening for Absurdities

Absurdities are another skill that I love to work on.  It's great for early problem solving, learning to self advocate (That's not right, it should be) explaining and early auditory comprehension skills.

What are your favorite language apps to use in therapy?  Link up to Speech Room News by pressing the button below.  If you don't have a blog-you can still leave comments on her page.  I'm excited to hear about your favorites.

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(Disclaimer statement:  All of these apps were purchased by me.  I did not receive any compensation for listing these apps-I just really like them!) 


Jenna Rayburn said...

I Love iSequences too! Thanks for linking up!

Mary said...

I like "More Fun", too.

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