Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Halloween Books for Speech Therapy

Have I mentioned that I live in the Halloween Capitol of the World?  I love Halloween and am lucky enough to be able to include Halloween lessons in my Speech therapy sessions.  I do make sure I check with individual parents first however.  Last year I stocked up on some Halloween titles.  

Here are some of my favorites:  

Boo Bunny: 
by Kathryn O. Galbraith:  
This is a pretty simple book but great for little ones who are working on imitating environmental sounds.  It's also great for working on rounded vowels.

Is That You, Wolf?
by Steven Cox:
I love pop up books-Each page requires you to put your hand in a pocket and feel something to see if it is the wolf.  This is a great book for working on adjectives. Plus there is a scary surprise at the end.  (I made the biscuit jump with this one...insert evil mom laughter here.)  

Goodnight Goon
by Michael Rex
After reading Goodnight Moon a gazillion times, I thought this was a funny parody.  Great for working on rhyming and short sentence imitation.

In the Haunted House
by Eve Bunting
This is a classic book.  I like that it seems kind of creepy as you read it and the surprise at the end.

Halloween Good Night by Doug Cushman.
This is a cute book where you talk about how you would tell different Halloween characters "Good night."  It uses a lot of "If you were" sentence structures.

Haunted House by Jan Pienkowski
Have I mentioned that I LOVE pop up books.  This is a classic pop up book where you open flaps and pull and push the flaps to make different actions happen.  Great for working on future and past tense forms: What will octopus do?  What did the octopus do?  Plus you open a toilet seat lid to find an animal inside.  Bathroom humor is ALWAYS hilarious.

Inside a House that is Haunted
By Alyssa Satin Capucilli
A great repetitive line book along the lines of There was an old lady who swallowed a ..... This is a great one to add actions to during group reading.

Mommy?  By Maurice Sendak
This is an amazing pop up book where the boy tries to find his mommy.  On each page, he simply says, "Mommy?" to different monsters.  Would be good to work on early CVCV imitation, question intonation and early reasoning skills (Do you think that is his mommy?)

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  
by Linda Williams
Another repetitive line book-I use this to work on sound imitation, auditory memory and short sentence repetition.  This is another fun one to use with actions.  

by Samantha Berger
I just ordered this one from Scholastic through my son's preschool (I always order a gazillion books-love, love, love Scholastic.)  The premise of a boy who turns into the monster Crankenstein when he doesn't get what he wants sounded perfect for some of my social thinking students.  I'll let you know once I get it.  


Jen Shamberger said...

So many great books! I was at Barnes and Noble last night, and my boys were checking a bunch of these out. Thanks for some good recommendations!

Mary said...

For the younger students, I really like "Jungle Halloween" (Maryann Cocca-Leffler) and "Fluffy's Happy Halloween" (Kate McMullen) for the older elementary students.

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