Friday, October 4, 2013

Lazy Speech Therapist: Who has the biggest pile?

I'm almost ashamed to post this one.

Do you ever wonder if every speech blogger's sessions are filled with fantastically creative activities?  I can't speak for everyone, but I have to admit that there are a lot of sessions where I am TOO lazy to think of creative activities or pick out a game during therapy.  I just want to sit in my seat and do picture cards with my kids on lazy days.  I rely on my sparkling personality to motivate the kids.  

That's where the super lazy day hints come in handy.  I've used funny voices, just worn a pair of silly glasses or changed all the names in sentences to my client's name.  We've gone through card decks and just thrown them on the floor as we were done saying them.  That's not that lazy, really, since you have to bend over to pick them up.  Although the game, let's see how many you can pick up or how fast you can pick up cards is a good game too.  

This week I played a rousing game of who has the taller pile.  My client got to keep cards that they said correctly.  Cards they missed I got.  In a group, you could have other students say the correct answer to win the pile.  At the end, they can see who has the higher pile.  I probably didn't need to write the directions-I know you all could have figured this out easily.  

I lost.  


Anonymous said...

I love those lazy days! And I like to lose. I get all dramatic- I either boo boo, or high five the winners- then throw in a little good sportsmanship discussion.

Speech2U said...

Julie-Love it. I like to get really upset too-and then talk about how weird it feels when people get so upset.

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