Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spooktacular Speechie Sale: Savings not Scares-What I got

Whew!  I think I managed to get all of my shopping done before midnight.  I've been out of town in Colorado with my husband and brother in law and next week is craaaaaaaaaaazy busy.

I picked up a few things to make my week a little better.  Here's what I ended up purchasing:

R you kidding me?  Why do I have so many R kids on my caseload.  These 2 products are going to be great.

Modern Vocalic R Sentences: These aren't your Grandma's R Probes: by Autumn Bryant, Speech Language Investigator:   I love sassy sentences.  These are going to be great to use with my middle school/high schoolers.

Artic Boxes: R Blends: by LyndaSLP123.   Did you ever play dots as a kid?  Super simple game that is really fun for my clients.  This is great for word level practice but it would be easy to expand to sentence level practice.  It pays to read the descriptions.  I bought this to work on vocalic /r/ but it is clearly working on /r/ blends.  So now I'm anxiously awaiting the vocalic /r/ version of this product. 

 Interactive Articulation Screener: Word and Sentence Levels by Twin Sisters Speech and Therapy
I love this idea.  A great way to make a screener more accessible and fun for my clients.

Space Hero Social Skills by CC from If I only Had Super Powers.  I'm pretty sure 98% of my Social skills clients LOVE Star Wars.  I grew up in the 70's so I LOVE the classic Star Wars.  I'm geeking out on the next one possibly starring people with chemistry who can act.  Plus, I was the only girl on my block so I always got to be Princess Leia on the Swing sets.  I'm sure I was pretty cute with my mom's panty hose tied to look like her buns on my head.  

Practical Problem Solving by Happily SLP:  I'm always looking for new resources to work on problem solving.  This looks great for providing a variety of scenarios as well as incorporating a points type of game.

Language Logic by SLPrunner-I LOVE logic puzzles.  I used to get the Dell Crossword magazine with my special mechanical pencil and I'd always do the logic puzzles first.  There is something so satisfying about being able to mark off the little x's in the boxes until there is only one left.  I've thought that these would be great in therapy but they've always been to hard for my clients.  These ones provide the perfect amount of challenge.

I ended up getting some other clip art and fonts which you may see on some products in the future.  I also wish-listed a lot of items that I didn't need right now that weren't on sale.  The prices on TPT are so affordable that I don't wait for sales if I need it for a particular client sooner.  Today I went about 10.00 over my limit so I had to put some of those items in my cart for the next rainy day.  

How about you?  Did you get anything at the sale? What did I miss?  If you missed yesterday, no worries, my store is 20% off through Monday.  You can check out a list of other participating stores HERE.  

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