Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vacation dollar dash!

I love a challenge and Teach Speech 365's dollar dash linky party sounded like a lot of fun! I wasn't sure I was going to make this one as I am on vacation. It could've been a romantic getaway weekend since my mom is watching the Biscuit. But my brother in law is with us, so not so much. Anyhow, he wanted to stop at the Dollar Tree so I picked up a few things. The challenge is to buy 5.00 worth of materials and then talk about how you would use them. Here is what I got.
I just attended a Social Thinking workshop so the concepts are on my mind.
  1. Scissors and Glue- I'm going to write down some problems on the glue bottles. We can talk about how our thinking gets stuck sometimes. If my clients are able to come up with alternative behaviors, they can earn a scissors to show how they CUT through that stuck thinking.
  2. Frankenstein hand-pull it back and it moves. I'm going to use this to talk about Whole Body Listening and what our hands do to show people we are listening.
  3. Wind Up eyeball-Using pictures of social scenes we can wind up the eyeball and let it go on the table. Whoever is closest to the eyeball will have to answer the question. Depending on their goals, we can work on following it's eye gaze, using our eyes to make some smart guesses or talking about what our eyes should do when we are listening.
  4. Ping pong eyeballs. Similar to above. We could also play a game similar to RDI's 2 ball catch. Players stand at each end of the table. No words are allowed. Students use facial expressions to indicate they are ready to bounce the ping pong ball back and forth, the players who get the most turns in, wins.
  5. Frankenbrain. I think this sign is great for working on how Frankenstein has rock brain or how he has different Social Smarts from us. We could also talk about how we use prior knowledge in our brains to make smart guesses.
How about you? Are you ready to try the challenge? Head over to Teach Speech's blog to join.


TeachSpeech365 said...

Love the idea with the hand! I can see the kids having so much fun with that!

Speech2U said...

Thanks for providing a fun link up!

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