Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm sorry to tell you that Target is closed.  But it's okay, because you can probably get there tomorrow to get these super awesome brain molds.

They come in a pack of 2.  I had bought a package last week but finally got around to opening them.  Here's what's really cool-they are made of a hard plastic so they are durable.  They are small and easy to store and come with a plastic lid so you can store things in them.

I bought them thinking it could be fun to make jello brains and stick toothpick flags in different areas of the brain to talk about different types of Smarts that people have.  I also thought we could play some inferencing games by putting a piece of paper in the brain, putting the lid on top and then giving clues and having my kids try to guess what I was thinking about.

When I went to the Preschool social thinking course last week, they had a suggestion for working with kids on Red thoughts/Blue thoughts by placing colored marbles into a brain mold to demonstrate how different actions change our thinking.  It reminded me of a post from The Speech House blog a few years ago that talked about using colored marbles to demonstrate red thoughts/blue thoughts.

I work with OT's who are using the Zones of Regulation program with their clients.  So I started thinking that it could make sense to coordinate the different types of thoughts with the Zone colors.

I found green flower marbles as well as blue and red marbles.  I'm still looking for the yellow ones.  Today we read an Amelia Bedelia book and had my clients decide what type of thought people might have based on her behavior.

*Red thoughts/Blue thoughts, Types of Smarts, and Social thinking are all concepts of Michelle Garcia Winner.  Please visit her website here to find out more information regarding social thinking. **

What types of activities have you used to address red thoughts/green thoughts?

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